About Rachel's Cafe

At Rachel's Cafe, we are passionate about creating delicious, quality food items for our customers. Our entire team is committed to making your experience enjoyable, as we offer a unique menu filled with crave-able dishes that include American classics and regional delights.

In a world that has become very artificial and processed, our customers appreciate our real food approach. We are proud to have created delectable dishes that you will look forward to eating again and again.

Crave Something Real

When you come to Rachel's Cafe, you will always get friendly and professional service. We take pride in being able to serve such a wonderful community and strive to offer customer service that exceeds expectations.

  • You can taste the difference in our burgers, omelettes, sides, and salads.
  • Our breakfast menu is unmatched in quality, quantity, and diversity. Choose from cafe classics and regional favorites.
  • Located in the heart of South County serving Wakefield, Narragansett, Newport area.