outdoor dining in Wakefield Rhode Island

Outdoor Dining Opportunity: Best Lunch Menu in South County

Food is an important part of our lives. When you have the chance to enjoy a meal outside, it can be an incredible experience. But have you ever wondered if eating outside is just for fun or if it has some real health benefits as well? Whether you’re having gourmet burgers and sandwiches, pancakes and omeletes, or other seasonal menu items at your favorite outdoor restaurant or cooking something on your own grill in your backyard, eating outside can be good for your health and your way of life. Rachel’s Outdoor Lunch Cafe in Wakefield Rhode Island There are so…

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summer breakfast and brunch menu

Enjoying a Light Summer Breakfast and Brunch in Rhode Island

Some people are fine with just a black cup of coffee to begin the day, while others start off with a healthy breakfast. At our Rhode Island breakfast café, you may enjoy all of your favorite goodies whether you want them early in the morning or as a late brunch. Along with serving the greatest coffee in South Kingstown, we also provide a wide selection of regional specialties and age-old flavors for your enjoyment. For curbside pickup, you can place an online order at our Greater South Kingstown café. Alternatively, you can stop by and enjoy our outdoor eating experience…

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instagramable food at Rachel's Cafe in South County Commons

Indulge in Instagram-able Food: Best Brunch Menu in Wakefield

What makes food worthy of a social media post or review? Something new, unique, and over-the-top delicious would definitely qualify. You can get all of this and more when you visit Rachel’s Rhode Island breakfast and lunch café. We have got the best local tastes, unique menu items, and hands down the best brunch menu in Wakefield. Whether you come for the pancakes and waffles or drive over to enjoy our original take on gourmet burgers in Rhode Island, you will appreciate the real food offerings in our crave-able menu. Located on South County Commons Way, we are a popular…

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loaded home fries in Rhode Island

Foodie Trend Spotter: Get Loaded Home Fries in Rhode Island

While not a new type of food item by any means, the American foodie culture has recently been taken by storm with the loaded fries sensation. Regardless of where you go, innovators are creating fry-based dishes topped with cultural and regional favorites – and consumers have gone wild! If you visit the southwest, you will find slow-cooked birria and queso fries, and in the south, you can find a variety of BBQ meat toppings smothered in cheese and tasty toppings. Nacho fries, cheese curd fries, lobster and seafood topped fries, kimchi fries, cheeseburger fries – there seems to be no…

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summer smoothies in Rhode Island

Summer Smoothies in Wakefield: Available at Rachel’s Cafe

One of the most delicious treats in summer is the fruit smoothie. Creamy, cold, refreshing – what’s not to like? You can get a variety of handmade Rhode Island fruit smoothies when you visit Rachel’s Café for the best lunch in Wakefield and the surrounding area. Unlike those fast food smoothies with questionable ingredients, you will quickly see that our summer smoothies in Wakefield are made with higher standards. You can enjoy one with breakfast, brunch, or lunch at Rachel’s Café in Wakefield, Rhode Island. A smoothie is a refreshing alternative to juices and coffee drinks, especially during the hot…

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specialty pancakes

South Kingstown Specialty Pancakes at Rachel’s Café in RI

Pancakes are just one of those things that you could eat morning, noon, and night. Enjoyed around the world in many different styles and forms, pancakes can also come with a variety of different toppings and delicious ingredients to help celebrate the seasons. Of course, there are pumpkin spice and apple pancakes in the fall, peppermint and egg nog in the winter, and fresh berry options in the spring and summer. When you want specialty pancakes, head to Rachel’s South County breakfast and lunch café. The current flavor that we are featuring for dine-in and take-out is our Nutella pancakes…

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classic Eggs Benedict

A History of Eggs Benedict: Best Breakfast in South Kingstown

There are certain dishes that we enjoy all the time without ever knowing anything about their history. One such dish, a popular item on our brunch and breakfast menu in Rhode Island, is Eggs Benedict. The history of Eggs Benedict is very interesting and remains somewhat of a mystery. A few popular restaurants claim to have invented it, but no one knows for sure. If you are looking for the best breakfast in South Kingstown, make sure to stop by and enjoy some Eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes, or savory breakfast burritos at Rachel’s Café. We proudly serve breakfast, brunch, and…

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housemade corned beef

Where to Get Housemade Corned Beef: South County Commons Café

There are just some dishes that are synonymous with New England that everyone who comes here has to try. While you likely have had corned beef in one form or another at some point in your life, wherever you come from, you probably haven’t had it the way we do it here at our lunch café in Rhode Island. Rachel’s Café is a popular South County Commons café that serves a wide range of real food and craveable menu items for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. Some of our most famous dishes include a healthy helping of our housemade corned beef.…

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mimosas in rhode island

The Springtime Brunch Menu at Our Rhode Island Breakfast Café

Tastes and cravings turn with the season, and there’s no better place to find a crave-able, real-food menu than at Rachel’s Rhode Island breakfast café. You can get the best coffee in South Kingstown and tasty menu options throughout the year that will keep you coming back for more. When spring arrives, people begin to venture out more and dine with friends. What better way to catch up than to enjoy a lovely meal from our springtime brunch menu. We even have special events planned for the season, including our “Meet the Easter Bunny” breakfast on April 16th from 9-11…

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south county commons cafe

South County Commons Café for the Best Hearty & Healthy Lunch

When you are looking for something beyond fast food to enjoy for lunch during the workweek or while traveling, consider stopping by our lunch café in Rhode Island. Open daily from 7 am to 3 pm, and on Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm, we serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and the best coffee in South County Commons. There are many reasons to buy local when it comes to the foods and beverages we enjoy. Not only do local restaurants often provide healthier dishes and regional tastes, but every dollar spent supports the area community. Jobs for local residents, real-food…

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valentines breakfast in south county commons rhode island

Pickup Valentine’s Breakfast in Rhode Island at Rachel’s Café

When most people think about Valentine’s Day, they conjure up images of beautiful roses, heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, and strawberries. There are lots of ways to celebrate the one that you love on this particular day, but whatever you do – food will likely play a significant role. One way to start the day off on the right note is to surprise your loved one with the best breakfast in Kingston. Rachel’s Café has a solid reputation for having some of the most crave-able menu items in the Greater South County Commons area, and you can enjoy the food…

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brunch in rhode island

Galentine’s Day at Our South County Breakfast and Lunch Cafe

Similar to the Valentine’s Day holiday that this celebration was created in response to, Galentine’s Day can also be appreciated any day of the year. It is a time to show appreciation for and celebrate the other meaningful relationships in your life – your best girlfriend! Originating from the popular Parks and Recreation TV show, the idea of Galentine’s Day is to show your love and affection for all of the ladies in your life who support you throughout the year. What better way to do so than to gather at a lunch café in South County and make an…

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