A Light or Hearty Breakfast in Rhode Island at Rachel’s Café

Fall is one of those seasons when the air begins to get cool and crisp, our thoughts drift back to childhood memories of jumping in leaf piles, and we get a taste for seasonal foods. Cinnamon and other spices, pumpkin and apple, Sunday dinners with family – all of these traditions shape the kinds of foods we want to eat during this time of year. The good news is that you can get both light menu items or a hearty breakfast in Rhode Island when you visit Rachel’s Café. Our South County breakfast and lunch café serves up a wide…

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Online Order Curbside Takeout of Regional Lunch Dishes in RI

One of the most positive side-effects of the pandemic was the shift made by local restaurants to accommodate customers with new options to online order curbside takeout and offer delivery services. Whether you are a foodie who craves new tastes or regional dishes or simply want something made fresh from your favorite Rhode Island lunch restaurant, you can get a wide range of options from our lunch café in Wakefield. We offer a variety of menu items that can all be enjoyed at our local restaurant or ordered for carryout, takeout, or curbside pickup, depending on your needs. No matter…

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Taste the Seasons: Enjoy Curbside Takeout in South County RI

Looking for something delicious and new that will help you to appreciate the change of seasons even more? Stop by Rachel’s Café to enjoy our seasonal menu items in RI throughout the year. Whether you are planning a spring picnic, a trip to the shore, a drive to see the autumn leaves, or want to eat something warm and cozy from the comfort of your own home in the winter, our curbside takeout in South County RI offers everything you need. Our popular breakfast and lunch café in South County has a fresh take on regional favorites, seasonal tastes, and…

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Benefits of Eggs: Out for Breakfast in Kingston Rhode Island

Going out for breakfast can be a great way to start a weekday or weekend. Whether you are local to the Rhode Island area or just visiting from out of state, make sure to stop by to support local businesses, such as our popular breakfast and lunch restaurants. Rachel’s Café is a popular Rhode Island breakfast café that offers a wide range of traditional breakfast foods and tasty menu items for you to enjoy. The benefits of eating eggs can really be appreciated when you visit our location for breakfast in Kingston, Rhode Island. Whether you like them scrambled, sunny…

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Delicious, Nutritious Smoothies: Rhode Island Breakfast Cafe

One of the most popular ways to get all of your fruits and veggies into the day is to enjoy a delicious smoothie at Rachel’s Café. In addition to our local favorites and classic American dishes at our breakfast restaurant in South Kingstown, we offer a variety of smoothies that you can enjoy at our Rhode Island breakfast café. You can also get smoothies via online order at our South Kingstown café for curbside pickup. If you’ve never had a healthy breakfast smoothie, summer is the perfect time to try one! Check out our full local breakfast menu in Rhode…

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Summer Dining in Wakefield: Try Our Healthy Salads and Wraps

One way to mix things up in the summer is to plan a mid-week or weekend lunch date with friends or loved ones. Enjoying a bit of lunch in the outdoors, either at our Rhode Island lunch café or along the water’s edge, can be a great way to appreciate all that summer has to offer. Dine on the bounty of the season with our popular regional salads and wraps. Our menu is constantly changing to reflect the time of year and local tastes at our lunch café in Wakefield. Call ahead for curbside pickup, use our online order for…

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South County Commons cafe

Rhode Island Lunch Cafe: The Historical Origin of Sandwiches

Have you ever wondered about the origins of your favorite sandwiches in Rhode Island? Who invented the first sandwich? What made them think to put meat, cheese, and veggies between pieces of bread? How did we get the different flavors and types of sandwiches that we serve at our local Rhode Island lunch café? Was there really an Earl of Sandwich who was known for eating sandwiches? We have scoured the internet to find the answers to all of these questions and more! Contact our South County Commons café to order your favorites. We have outdoor dining and curbside takeout…

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breakfast cafe South Kingstown Rhode Island

Most Important Meal of the Day: Breakfast Cafe in Rhode Island

While some only start the day off with a black cup of coffee and nothing else, others enjoy a healthy meal first thing in the morning. Whether you want yours as the sun rises or as a late morning brunch, you can get all of your favorite treats at our Rhode Island breakfast café. Not only do we boast the best coffee in South Kingstown, but we also have a wide variety of local delights and traditional tastes for you to enjoy. You can place an online order at our South Kingstown café for curbside pickup or stop by and…

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wakefield breakfast cafe

Wakefield Breakfast Cafe: Does French Toast Come from France?

There are a lot of foods that we enjoy that appear to come from other countries that it turns out were invented in other locations. The history of the different foods that we enjoy – and how they go their names – can make them even more enjoyable. French Toast in Wakefield comes in many delectable varieties – especially when you visit Rachel’s Café. Our popular Maple Walnut French Toast and thick Texas Toast French Toast are enjoyed by customers from all over the Greater South Kingstown community and beyond. Whether you want yours covered in fresh fruit or smothered…

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south county commons cafe

South County Commons Restaurants: Locally Inspired Menu Items

When people come to Rachel’s Café to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or dinner, they might be surprised to see how many locally inspired menu items we serve. One of the most exciting things about dining at a local restaurant is to try out the regional favorites. Menu items can be influenced by the geographical location, history of the area, and diverse cultures that converge within the state. Our café in South County Commons embraces all of these influences to provide our customers with unique taste opportunities, including our famous Narragansett Sandwich and the Block Island Wrap. We also serve traditional favorites…

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Top 10 Menu Items for Breakfast in South County Rhode Island

When you visit a South County breakfast and lunch café like Rachel’s Café on South County Commons Way, you will notice that there are many regional dishes in addition to traditional breakfast fare. Americans have a wide range of tastes when it comes to breakfast, whether that means cooking at home, dining out at a restaurant, or taking advantage of curbside takeout in South County, RI. Some like big and hearty meals, while others prefer something healthy and light. You can enjoy delicious real food prepared by our team at Rachel’s Café. We offer a unique menu filled with crave-able…

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Tasty Seasonal Salads at Rachel’s Greater South Kingstown Café

Searching for the perfect salad to reflect the time of year? The good news is that there are practically as many salad options as there are tastes. From selections for salad dressings to toppings, different types of lettuce, and protein choices, there’s a unique and delicious variety for everyone to enjoy. At Rachel’s South Kingstown lunch restaurant, we focus on providing our customers with real food options. Our team has created some very delectable dishes as part of our unique menu, which features American classics and regional delights. You can taste the difference in our breakfast, lunch, sides, and salads.…

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