curbside and online order options at Rachel's Cafe

Curbside Takeout, Online Order at Our South County Lunch Cafe

It’s a good idea to look about for a Wakefield lunch café that serves real cuisine, whether you’re a local or just passing through. Consuming fast food on a frequent basis or going long periods of time without eating is unhealthy. So, if you’re in Wakefield and searching for a great place to eat lunch, Rachel’s Café is a great option. We have both curbside takeout and online ordering for those who are too busy to leave their desks during lunch, as well as full service for those who would prefer to eat here. Even the most discerning Rhode Island…

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winter dining in rhode island

Healthy Comfort Food at Rachel’s Lunch Cafe in Rhode Island

Maintaining a healthy diet during the week can be tough, especially if you’re too busy to make healthy lunches every day before work. One option is to visit Rachel’s Lunch Café in Wakefield, where you can choose from a variety of delicious, authentic dishes. Our lunch menu features all of the usual suspects like burgers and fries, but the quality of our ingredients and our unique preparation methods will have you coming back for more. A menu in Wakefield that prioritizes health and wellness should offer a wide range of options for diners of all dietary preferences, with an emphasis…

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new winter menu items and holiday specials at Rachel's Cafe in Wakefield

New Winter Menu Options: Rachel’s Rhode Island Breakfast Cafe

As you explore Rhode Island, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants serving regional specialties. No trip to New England would be complete without taking in some of the local fare along the way, whether you’re on the road to see the fall foliage or touring the region’s historic sites. Consider stopping by Rachel’s Café in Providence, Rhode Island, for breakfast or brunch. We open at 7 AM every day and serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Our menu features a wide range of international dishes, regional specialties, and classic American fare. Among the locals, our breakfast is widely regarded as…

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holiday dining options at Rachel's Cafe in South Kingstown Rhode Island

Holiday Dining Options: Rachel’s Lunch Cafe in Wakefield, RI

Customers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests are looking for a breakfast and lunch menu that reflects the real food movement that has swept the nation. In addition to serving up classic American diner fare, Rachel’s Café in Kingston, Rhode Island, also caters to local and regional preferences. Breakfast is our specialty, and we have everything from pancakes and waffles to breakfast sandwiches and bowls. Our Butchers Blend of Angus Chuck, Short Rib, and Brisket burgers, melts, sandwiches, and wraps make for some of the most memorable lunches you’ll ever have. It’s all available for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, seven…

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rhode island breakfast and brunch restaurant

Seasonal Menu Items for the Best Breakfast in South Kingstown

If you are looking for a Rhode Island breakfast and brunch café where you can enjoy a taste of the season, look no further than Rachel’s Café in South Kingstown. Our seasonal menu items change frequently to meet the tastes and interests of our customers. While you might expect a pumpkin-everything approach, fall in New England offers much more. In addition to breakfast and brunch fare, we also deliver comfort foods designed to satisfy and warm this time of year. Many of our regulars look forward to the seasonal dishes and we are very proud to serve them. Each of…

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home fries in rhode island

Amazing Home Fries in Rhode Island: Rachel’s Café in South County

Potatoes are perhaps one of the most versatile foods in the world. However, many different cultures share a love for fried potatoes. Crisps, chips, pommes frites, French fries, home fries – no matter what you call them, they are delicious. Hot, delicious, crispy, and salty, there are many reasons to appreciate a good plate of fried potatoes at home or when dining at a restaurant. Rachel’s Café in South County is known for our flavorful, real-food menu items, which includes our home fries in Rhode Island. Visit our South County commons café to enjoy this delightful side dish with one…

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outdoor dining in South Kingstown

Outdoor Dining in South Kingstown: South County Commons Cafe

It may come as a pleasant surprise to those who visit Rachel’s Café for breakfast, brunch, or dinner to learn that many of the dishes on the menu are based on recipes from the surrounding community. One of the best parts of eating out is getting to sample the local specialties. Dishes may be influenced by the state’s location, history, and the many cultures that coexist there. The Narragansett Sandwich and the Block Island Wrap, two of the most popular items at our South County Commons café, are inspired by local cuisine and culture. While we do offer some classics,…

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new fall menu

Explore the New Fall Menu in Rhode Island at Rachel’s Cafe

Want to enhance your enjoyment of the changing seasons with something tasty and novel? Come to Rachel’s Café in Rhode Island any time of year to try our seasonal menu. Our South County Rhode Island curbside takeout has everything you need for a spring picnic, summer day at the beach, fall drive through the foliage, or winter night in front of the fire. You can eat well year-round at our South County breakfast and lunch café, where we serve a modern take on American standards as well as seasonal and regional specialties. When hunger strikes, stop by our Rhode Island…

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craveable burger menu in Wakefield

Craveable Burgers at Rachel’s Lunch Café in South Kingstown

Have you ever had a craving for a big, juicy cheeseburger practically overtake your mind until you finally went out and got one? There are many different types of burgers available at South County Commons restaurants, but when you really want a burger, why would you settle for fast food? At Rachel’s Café you can stop by and order a craveable burger from our lunch menu to enjoy in our dining room, outdoor dining area, or take with you back home or to the office. Our lunch café in South Kingstown has a wide range of American-style and Portuguese-influenced burgers…

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brunch with friends in Rhode Island

Enjoying the Benefits of Brunch with Friends in Rhode Island

Did you know that enjoying a lovely brunch on the weekend with friends is actually a very healthy activity? Getting out, spending time with family and friends, taking time off from work and the everydayness of life – it’s all good for you! This is especially true in the fall when the season begins to change. We start to long for comfort foods that are in season during the fall, and we remember how much fun it was to jump in leaf piles as kids. The foods we crave this time of year are influenced by seasonal traditions, such as…

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outdoor dining in Wakefield Rhode Island

Outdoor Dining Opportunity: Best Lunch Menu in South County

Food is an important part of our lives. When you have the chance to enjoy a meal outside, it can be an incredible experience. But have you ever wondered if eating outside is just for fun or if it has some real health benefits as well? Whether you’re having gourmet burgers and sandwiches, pancakes and omeletes, or other seasonal menu items at your favorite outdoor restaurant or cooking something on your own grill in your backyard, eating outside can be good for your health and your way of life. Rachel’s Outdoor Lunch Cafe in Wakefield Rhode Island There are so…

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summer breakfast and brunch menu

Enjoying a Light Summer Breakfast and Brunch in Rhode Island

Some people are fine with just a black cup of coffee to begin the day, while others start off with a healthy breakfast. At our Rhode Island breakfast café, you may enjoy all of your favorite goodies whether you want them early in the morning or as a late brunch. Along with serving the greatest coffee in South Kingstown, we also provide a wide selection of regional specialties and age-old flavors for your enjoyment. For curbside pickup, you can place an online order at our Greater South Kingstown café. Alternatively, you can stop by and enjoy our outdoor eating experience…

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