Wakefield breakfast cafe

Enjoy a Pancake Tradition: Rachel’s Wakefield Breakfast Cafe

The pancake has been eaten and enjoyed throughout history, with proof of its existence as early as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Sweetened with honey and made from stone-ground flour, pancakes provided a simple yet nutritious meal. During the Elizabethan Era, people ate them flavored with apples, sherry, rosewater, and various spices. Served as a traditional meal on Shrove Tuesday, which has also been called Pancake Day in addition to the “Fat Tuesday” reference popularized in American culture, pancakes were part of the feasting before the beginning of the Lent season. However, you enjoy your pancakes, traditional buttermilk, or with…

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best coffee in South Kingstown

The Benefits of Drinking the Best Coffee in South Kingstown

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee. There’s something to be said about a café that can brag that it has the best coffee in South Kingstown and Rachel’s Café has that honor. Whether you visit in person or place an online order at our South Kingstown café, you can get a cup of our famously delicious coffee alongside one of our classic recipes or regional favorites. Our South Kingstown breakfast café and lunch restaurant offers online ordering, curbside pickup, and outdoor dining when the weather permits. Located on South County Commons Way, when you crave something authentic and delicious,…

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online order south kingstown cafe

Customers Benefit from Online Order at South Kingstown RI Cafe

While the changes that occurred in the business world in reaction to the pandemic have not always been pleasant, some new modes of business have become extremely beneficial to consumers. One such advantage has been the increase in the ability to place orders online and take advantage of curbside pickup in South Kingstown, RI, and the surrounding area. No more waiting in long drive-thru lines or settling for “fast food” as the only option; locals and visitors can now pickup quality food items for South County breakfast and lunch at Rachel’s Café. While on-site dining options continue to change in…

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breakfast and lunch cafe in wakefield

Reasons to Go Local at a Breakfast & Lunch Café in Wakefield, RI

Whether you dine out or order carry out, supporting local restaurants in Rhode Island is a win-win for everyone involved. The next time you search for the best breakfast in Wakefield or want a casual and delicious lunch with friends, consider stopping by Rachel’s Café on South County Commons Way. When you support local businesses, you help to grow and maintain the area’s economy. The delicious food that you eat can also offer added benefits to the larger community in ways that you might not imagine. So instead of driving for hours to get to a big chain restaurant or…

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