breakfast cafe in rhode island

Pancakes & Coffee: Classic American Breakfast and Brunch in RI

While America has a very diverse array of standard breakfast menu items to choose from, we have an endearing relationship with two particular favorites: pancakes and coffee. Some believe our love of coffee actually began following the Boston Tea Party of 1773 when the colonists were urged to shun tea and enjoy roasted beans with their morning meal instead. The idea seemed to have become a part of the American spirit, and by the 1800s, it became a popular staple in most homes. Even the pioneers made sure to bring bags of beans to enjoy as they made their way…

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healthy curbside takeout in Wakefield

Healthy Menu in Wakefield: Wholesome Dishes in Rhode Island

Eating healthy can be challenging throughout the week, especially if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to prepare lunch each day before work. One solution is to stop by Rachel’s lunch café in Wakefield and enjoy a variety of dishes from our crave-able, real food options. While we offer all of the standard lunch menu items, including tasty burgers and fries, the ingredients that we use and approach to our food will dazzle your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. A healthy menu in Wakefield should have a well-rounded variety of items designed to…

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gift cards for Rachel's Cafe

Gift Cards for Rachel’s Café Greater South Kingstown Restaurant

An excellent option for a friend or family member that has everything or for the acquaintance that you don’t know much about, gift cards for Rachel’s Café have many benefits for both the purchaser and the recipient this holiday season and all year long. We offer our customers many options for Rhode Island dining at our breakfast and lunch café. You can do curbside pickup over the phone or online order South Kingstown café menu items ahead of time. Our entire Rachel’s Café menu is available through our website and allows for customizations to personalize your experience. 10 Reasons to…

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real food cafe in Rhode Island

Our Real Food Café Menu Makes a Difference in Rhode Island

The real food movement has crossed the nation, as customers of all ages, walks, and interests are in search of a craveable breakfast and lunch menu to enjoy. Rachel’s Café in Kingston, Rhode Island, offers a wide range of real food items, including local tastes and regional favorites, along with traditional all-American diner dishes. From pancakes and waffles to breakfast sandwiches and bowls, we’ve got everything you could ever want for a delicious morning meal – and more. Our lunches are pretty unforgettable as well, with our exclusive Butchers Blend of Angus Chuck, Short Rib, and Brisket burgers, melts, sandwiches,…

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thanksgiving in new england

Autumn, Thanksgiving Feasts, and a South County Commons Café

Most Americans learn early on in school that the fall celebration of Thanksgiving has its origins in New England. While the holiday became official in 1863 after President Lincoln proclaimed it a “day of Thanksgiving and Praise” during the Civil War, New Englanders had been celebrating observances well before that time with families and friends. Being so close to Plymouth and the place where these historical events actually took place makes Thanksgiving even more meaningful to those who live in this area. Visitors often stop in at our Rhode Island lunch restaurant in the fall and ask about seasonal items,…

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South Kingstown Cafe

Breakfast on the Go: Curbside Pickup in South Kingstown, RI

It seems like this time of year becomes increasingly busy as we get closer to special holiday dates with family and friends. Searching for the best breakfast in South Kingstown can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what’s available. Rachel’s Café offers our customers a wide variety of options, including dine-in, carryout, and curbside pickup in South Kingstown, RI. If you are looking for breakfast on the go, whether you are a visitor from out of state, a traveler passing through, or a busy shopper looking for the best local holiday deals, we can help. Just stop by our…

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rhode island lunch restaurants

Rhode Island Lunch Restaurants: Takeout Options for Locals

Whether you work or live in the area, it is a good idea to explore your options and find a Wakefield lunch café that offers authentic food items for you to enjoy. It isn’t healthy to have fast food or skip meals on a regular basis. So if you are looking for the best lunch in Wakefield, consider stopping by Rachel’s Café. We offer curbside takeout and online order options for busy offices and lunchtime meetings, as well as dine-in services. An extensive menu filled with crave-able food options that range from classic to creatively adventurous dishes will satisfy even…

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Visit Rachel’s Café for the Best Breakfast in South Kingstown

Traveling through Rhode Island, you will see a lot of different options for local cuisine. Whether you are driving through to see the autumn leaves or taking a trip to see the historic sites of New England, it pays to stop and sample some regional favorites along the way. If you are searching for a stop that will provide you with breakfast and brunch in Rhode Island, make sure to consider Rachel’s Café. Open daily at 7 am, we offer a variety of cultural dishes, local favorites, and traditional American fare for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. If you would like…

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A Light or Hearty Breakfast in Rhode Island at Rachel’s Café

Fall is one of those seasons when the air begins to get cool and crisp, our thoughts drift back to childhood memories of jumping in leaf piles, and we get a taste for seasonal foods. Cinnamon and other spices, pumpkin and apple, Sunday dinners with family – all of these traditions shape the kinds of foods we want to eat during this time of year. The good news is that you can get both light menu items or a hearty breakfast in Rhode Island when you visit Rachel’s Café. Our South County breakfast and lunch café serves up a wide…

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Online Order Curbside Takeout of Regional Lunch Dishes in RI

One of the most positive side-effects of the pandemic was the shift made by local restaurants to accommodate customers with new options to online order curbside takeout and offer delivery services. Whether you are a foodie who craves new tastes or regional dishes or simply want something made fresh from your favorite Rhode Island lunch restaurant, you can get a wide range of options from our lunch café in Wakefield. We offer a variety of menu items that can all be enjoyed at our local restaurant or ordered for carryout, takeout, or curbside pickup, depending on your needs. No matter…

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Taste the Seasons: Enjoy Curbside Takeout in South County RI

Looking for something delicious and new that will help you to appreciate the change of seasons even more? Stop by Rachel’s Café to enjoy our seasonal menu items in RI throughout the year. Whether you are planning a spring picnic, a trip to the shore, a drive to see the autumn leaves, or want to eat something warm and cozy from the comfort of your own home in the winter, our curbside takeout in South County RI offers everything you need. Our popular breakfast and lunch café in South County has a fresh take on regional favorites, seasonal tastes, and…

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Benefits of Eggs: Out for Breakfast in Kingston Rhode Island

Going out for breakfast can be a great way to start a weekday or weekend. Whether you are local to the Rhode Island area or just visiting from out of state, make sure to stop by to support local businesses, such as our popular breakfast and lunch restaurants. Rachel’s Café is a popular Rhode Island breakfast café that offers a wide range of traditional breakfast foods and tasty menu items for you to enjoy. The benefits of eating eggs can really be appreciated when you visit our location for breakfast in Kingston, Rhode Island. Whether you like them scrambled, sunny…

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