seasonal meals in Wakefield

Enjoy Seasonal Meals This Summer: Rachel’s Lunch Cafe in Wakefield

Planning a lunch meeting with friends or loved ones during the week or on the weekend is one option to change things up over the summer. A terrific way to experience all that summer has to offer is to have some lunch outside, whether it be at our Rhode Island lunch café or at a local park. Enjoy the season’s abundance with our well-liked regional salads and wraps. At our lunch café in Wakefield, our menu is always changing to match the season and local preferences. Call ahead for curbside pickup, buy online for even more convenience, or visit us…

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local specialties at Rachel's Cafe in Rhode Island

Local Specialties: Neighborhood Restaurant in South County

Visitors who stop by Rachel’s Café for breakfast, lunch, or supper might be surprised to learn that we offer so many dishes that are regionally influenced. Trying out the local specialties is one of the most exciting aspects of eating at a neighborhood restaurant. Geographical location, local history, and the many different cultures that coexist in a state may all have an impact on the menu choices. All of these influences are present in our South County Commons café, which offers our patrons a variety of delectable options, including the Block Island Wrap and the renowned Narragansett Sandwich. In addition…

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french toast for brunch

Enjoy French Toast for Brunch at Our Rhode Island Breakfast Cafe

There are many different types of foods that are named after the place of their origin or culinary influences. However, one very common dish that many Americans enjoy on the regular is not what it may seem. French toast is not French – it was not invented in France, it is not the popular breakfast or brunch dish of the European country, and, in fact, many French chefs are not happy to be associated with this common, easy-to-make meal. The truth is that when you enjoy French toast for brunch at our Rhode Island café, you are not just enjoying…

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real food menu at Rachel's Cafe

Eat Real Food in Rhode Island at Rachel’s Café in South Kingston

It is easy to eat healthy and enjoy real food ingredients when you have a local favorite restaurant that embraces this way of eating. Rachel’s Café features a South Kingston lunch menu that includes delicious dishes that are made with real ingredients. It is home to many locals who dine here on a regular basis and is also the best lunch café for travelers visiting the area. With so much fast food and processed ingredients in the world, it’s nice to know that you can actually go out with friends for lunch and still eat real food in Rhode Island…

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craveable brunch menu

Check Out Our Craveable Rhode Island Brunch Menu at Rachel’s Cafe

Some folks may start their day off with little more than a black cup of coffee, while others really need a hearty meal. Our Rhode Island café is open early and late so that you may have breakfast or lunch whenever you choose. Our coffee is the best in South Kingstown, and we also provide several traditional tastes and regional specialities. You may make an order at our Greater South Kingstown café online and pick it up at the curb. Or, come by and take in the atmosphere of the area while dining in our garden. Come see for yourself…

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seasonal food items

Visit Rachel’s Cafe for Seasonal Food Items in West Kingston

Our Rhode Island lunch café is a great alternative to fast food whether you’re seeking for a satisfying meal throughout the workday or a trip. We offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, and the greatest coffee in South County Commons from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sundays. When it comes to the foods and drinks we love, there are numerous benefits to supporting local businesses. In addition to supporting the local economy, eating at locally owned and operated establishments is typically a more wholesome and enjoyable dining experience. South County Commons’…

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Rachel's lunch menu for takeout

Explore Our Greater South Kingstown Lunch Menu for Takeout

Looking for something fresh, exciting and new? It is a good idea to find a Wakefield lunch café that provides real cuisine products for you to enjoy, whether you work or reside in the neighborhood. Regularly eating fast food or skipping meals is unhealthy. Thus, if you’re searching for Wakefield’s premier lunch spot, think about going to Rachel’s Café. For busy offices and lunchtime meetings, we provide curbside takeout, online ordering, as well as dine-in services. Even the most discerning gourmet in Rhode Island will be satisfied by the broad menu that is packed with mouthwatering foods that vary from…

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real food menu in Rhode Island at Rachel's Cafe

Real Food Menu Items in Rhode Island at Rachel’s in West Kingston

If you are searching for a taste of locally-inspired fare, stop by Rachel’s Café for breakfast, lunch, or supper. We have a wide range of dishes that draw inspiration from the surrounding area. Trying the local specialties is a major draw to eating out at a restaurant, especially if you are new to or visiting Rhode Island. Dishes could be affected by the state’s geography, history, and the many cultures that meet there. The Narragansett Sandwich and the Block Island Wrap, two of the most popular items at our South County Commons café, are inspired by local cuisine and culture.…

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Valentine's Day Brunch in Rhode Island

Forget Dinner: Try Valentine’s Day Brunch in Wakefield Instead

When most people think about dining out for Valentine’s Day, they think about sitting in a dark restaurant for dinner. However, there are lots of other romantic and fun things you can do to celebrate a relationship – or start something new – in Rhode Island. While dinner might mark the end of an evening after a movie or some other event, breakfast or brunch is a great way to start a day out. Instead of pricey dinners at over-booked restaurants packed with other couples navigating a traditional holiday experience, you can make your own way and enjoy our winter…

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side menu items at Rachel's Cafe in Rhode ISland

All About the Sides: See the Best Lunch Menu in West Kingston

Let’s be honest, the one day that side dishes get their shining moment is Thanksgiving. Is there anyone who doesn’t look forward to all of those tasty traditions all year long? However, we crave those sides throughout the seasons and at Rachel’s Café in West Kingston, Rhode Island, we offer more than 50 sides and extras for you to choose from on our daily menu. In fact, you might be surprised at the variety available in some of our most popular café side items. In addition to our meaty burgers and tasty locally inspired sandwiches and wraps you’ll find a…

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curbside and online order options at Rachel's Cafe

Curbside Takeout, Online Order at Our South County Lunch Cafe

It’s a good idea to look about for a Wakefield lunch café that serves real cuisine, whether you’re a local or just passing through. Consuming fast food on a frequent basis or going long periods of time without eating is unhealthy. So, if you’re in Wakefield and searching for a great place to eat lunch, Rachel’s Café is a great option. We have both curbside takeout and online ordering for those who are too busy to leave their desks during lunch, as well as full service for those who would prefer to eat here. Even the most discerning Rhode Island…

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winter dining in rhode island

Healthy Comfort Food at Rachel’s Lunch Cafe in Rhode Island

Maintaining a healthy diet during the week can be tough, especially if you’re too busy to make healthy lunches every day before work. One option is to visit Rachel’s Lunch Café in Wakefield, where you can choose from a variety of delicious, authentic dishes. Our lunch menu features all of the usual suspects like burgers and fries, but the quality of our ingredients and our unique preparation methods will have you coming back for more. A menu in Wakefield that prioritizes health and wellness should offer a wide range of options for diners of all dietary preferences, with an emphasis…

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