Enjoy a Pancake Tradition: Rachel’s Wakefield Breakfast Cafe

Wakefield breakfast cafeThe pancake has been eaten and enjoyed throughout history, with proof of its existence as early as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Sweetened with honey and made from stone-ground flour, pancakes provided a simple yet nutritious meal. During the Elizabethan Era, people ate them flavored with apples, sherry, rosewater, and various spices. Served as a traditional meal on Shrove Tuesday, which has also been called Pancake Day in addition to the “Fat Tuesday” reference popularized in American culture, pancakes were part of the feasting before the beginning of the Lent season. However, you enjoy your pancakes, traditional buttermilk, or with a modern twist; you can get a variety of delicious pancakes at our Rhode Island breakfast café. Locals and visitors to the region can enjoy fruit-topped pancakes, cinnamon roll pancakes, and seasonal favorites at our pancake restaurant in Wakefield.

The Best Breakfast in Wakefield

In New England, pancakes have an even more significant meaning. Known in the American colonies as johnnycakes, flapjacks, and hoecakes, the earliest pancakes were frequently made with cornmeal or buckwheat flour. In what is considered the first all-American cookbook, American Cookery by Amelia Simmons, there are two recipes for pancakes included. One is the “Johny Cake” or “Hoe Cake,” which is made with milk, Indian meal (cornmeal), and molasses. The other is titled “Indian Slapjack,” which is similar but does not include the molasses and adds four eggs.

While we do not have these Early American flapjacks made from cornmeal and buckwheat on our menu at Rachel’s Café, we do have classic buttermilk pancakes. These are always a favorite and are often served alongside other breakfast foods, such as eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. We also cater to more modern tastes, creating unique recipes for our Oreo cookie, M&M, Banana Nut, Cinnamon Roll, and other adventurous pancake options. You can also choose from our Belgian waffle selections, topped with your choice of fresh strawberries, blueberries, or bananas with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Specialty waffles include our Banana Split Waffle and Chicken & Waffle Sliders.

Crazy Facts about Pancakes

Thomas Jefferson was known for his love of pancakes. In fact, he sent a recipe to his home in Monticello that he received from his French maître d’hotel at the President’s House in Washington D.C. These French pancakes are what we would call crepes, which were made from a very thin batter poured onto a hot pan. American pancakes were known as griddlecakes by this stage in American history, with these modern pancakes typically containing a leavening agent in addition to eggs, flour, and milk to create a puffier and heftier result. Today, there is a whole family of pancakes, ranging from the thin crepe to thicker Japanese-style “souffle” pancakes, that can be enjoyed.

The world’s largest pancake measured nearly 50 feet in diameter and weighed 6,614 pounds. If you were to try and beat the World’s Record for the most pancakes eaten, you wouldn’t find that information in the Guinness record books. However, in the world of competitive eating, the current world record category is held by Hayden Wilson, who ate 80 pancakes in 17 minutes and 26 seconds, consuming more than five-and-a-half pounds! The world’s tallest stack of pancakes is monitored by Guinness and is held by Paul Dedroog and Alfons Lowie of Belgium, coming in at 77 cm or two feet, six inches in height.

Get a Pancake Breakfast in Wakefield

Pancakes, waffles, French Toast, and other popular breakfast fare can all be found at our Wakefield breakfast café. In a world that has become very artificial with food that is highly processed from how it is grown in its natural state, our customers appreciate our real food approach at Rachel’s Café. We are immensely proud of the diverse menu and array of delectable dishes that we feature at our Rhode Island breakfast café and lunch restaurant. When you crave something authentic and full of flavor, come to Rachel’s and taste the difference in our pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, sides, and salads. Located in the heart of South County, we serve local customers from Wakefield, Newport, South Kingstown, Narragansett, and the surrounding area. You can call in your order at 401-783-7888 or use our online order system to enjoy the most delicious lunch or best breakfast in Wakefield.