Iced Coffees to Brighten Your Summer in South County Commons

iced coffee in Rhode IslandWhen it comes to cool caffeinated beverages to enjoy this summer in Rhode Island, you can’t beat the options available at Rachel’s Café on our breakfast menu in South County Commons. A popular breakfast and lunch café, we proudly serve locals and visitors some of the best food items and coffee in Rhode Island. We are proud to announce that we have recently started serving a very popular coffee at our local restaurant: nitro cold brew coffee. The smoothness, richness, and creaminess of this coffee is beloved by caffeine drinkers throughout New England and across the country. We are pleased to offer this new menu item to our customers.

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew Coffee

Iced coffee is a simple beverage, consisting of coffee served over ice. A nice drink in the summertime or anytime, especially as it has grown in popularity. Iced coffees can include flavors, a variety of sweeteners, and cream or milk, to create a completely new taste sensation that reflects either the season or the mood of the drinker. Iced Vanilla Coffees are perhaps the most widely served flavor of iced coffee in America and around the globe. Vanilla is a widely accepted flavoring, appreciated by individuals across multiple countries, cultures, and classes.

Cold brew is a bit newer than iced coffee when it comes to caffeinated beverages. However, it’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds with some of the largest coffee companies serving it on the regular and popular television personalities raving about it and sharing their own at-home recipes. Unfortunately, most of the homemade and national brand versions of cold brew can’t compare to the taste of our local, in-store coffees that are handmade by our staff every day. Other shops and stores frequently revert to bottled options, including concentrated coffees and plastic packs of coffee made days or weeks in advance at locations miles and miles away.

How is Cold Brew Coffee Made?

The best ways to describe cold brew coffee is that it is a cold steep, similar to a cold tea, which is brewed over several hours. High-quality, purified water is infused with freshly ground coffee, which can be at either room or cold temperatures. Professional cold brew makers can also be used, which are designed with a fine mesh screen to filter out the coffee grounds. Others use large containers, which allow the grounds to be freely mixed in with the water. The grounds are then strained out after several hours, which can range from 12-24 hours, before serving.

The taste of cold brew – when it is done correctly – offers a more gentle flavor, which makes it perfectly suited for light, cool seasonal drinks. While it is lighter, due to significant part to the way that it is made, the flavor is still more intense and aromatic in many ways. This makes cold brew the perfect vehicle for establishments like our breakfast and lunch café to create seasonal flavors and options to meet the cravings of their customers. Rachel’s Café already has a solid reputation for serving the best coffee in Rhode Island at our South County Commons restaurant. Some of our customers enjoy our cold brew coffees when dining at our restaurant, while others order to-go. We take pride in providing top quality beverages and are always searching for new ways to meet the ever-changing tastes of our customer base.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

There is a subtle, yet very important difference, between classic cold brew coffee and nitro cold brew coffee. The “nitro” in the beverage’s title refers to the use of nitrogen gas, which infused in the classic cold brew. While some coffee shops use the nitrogen gas as a “cheat” to turn hot brew coffee into a cold brew, the true intended use of this process is to elevate cold brewed coffee into a whole new beverage. The nitrogen gas creates tiny bubbles in the coffee, which is what delivers such a thick and creamy texture. For many coffee drinkers, this creaminess often negates the use of dairy and alternative milk creams, delivering a delicious and unique taste sensation.

If you are in the local Rhode Island area – or many your way here while passing through – make sure to check out our iced coffees and nitro cold brew coffee on our breakfast menu in South County Commons. In addition to cold coffees, our hot coffee, coffee milk, espresso, lattes, dirty chai, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and much more. We even have freshly brewed teas and iced teas for you to enjoy with your meal at our breakfast and lunch café. Give us a call at 401-783-7888 to place a to-go order, stop by our location in-person, or use our online ordering options to order ahead for pickup.