It’s Rachel’s Rhode Island Lunch Cafe for the Win This Summer!

summer dining at Rachel's CafePlanning a lunch meeting with friends and family during the week – or even on the weekend – is one easy option to change things up over the summer months. A terrific way to experience all that summer has to offer is to dine lunch outside, whether it be at our Rhode Island lunch café or by the sea. Enjoy the season’s abundance with our well-liked regional salads and wraps. At our lunch café in Wakefield, our menu is always changing to match the season and local preferences. Call ahead for curbside pickup, buy online for even more convenience, or visit us in person for al fresco outdoor eating.

A Healthy Menu in Wakefield, Rhode Island

While Rachel’s Café always has mouthwatering salads and sandwiches available, we also have a range of flavor experiences that are ideal for summertime consumption. With a side of our delicious Fuji Apple Vinaigrette, our popular Summer Salad is made up of crisp Romaine lettuce, sliced apples, dried cranberries, red onions, goat cheese, and candied walnuts. It is ideal for eating in at our Wakefield lunch café, enjoying at work, or taking out for a picnic in the neighborhood. For summer luncheons and other seasonal meals, our grilled barbecue chicken salad, crisp garden salad, grilled chicken salad, and avocado salad are all excellent choices.

Salads may be a great way to enhance your vitamin intake, enjoy the seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink more water throughout the summer. It can be difficult to consume enough water during the warmest days of the year, so eating foods high in moisture can be a fantastic method to stay hydrated at this time of year. To enjoy in our Rhode Island lunch café or on the road, pair our fresh salads with brewed iced tea, a smoothie, a frozen coffee, or any other variety of cold beverages. For summer dining in Wakefield, place your orders in advance online to take advantage of curbside pickup. You may also visit our location to sit outside and enjoy a meal with loved ones.

Salads and Wraps for Summer

Many of our clients this time of year choose for light and healthful selections rather than a huge burger or a hefty meal. There are several tantalizing wraps to choose from at Rachel’s Café to enjoy in the summer. Although some of our menu items are perfect for hot summer days, our crispy chicken wrap with fresh Romaine, tomato, cheese, bacon, and chipotle aioli on a wheat wrap is a year-round favorite. Consider our renowned Block Island Wrap, which is named after the area, or the BBQ Wrap, which features grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar. This delectable cuisine is a grilled wheat wrap with fresh avocado, cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, Romaine lettuce, tomato, red onions, balsamic sauce, and hummus.

Wraps are a great substitute for sandwiches made with thicker bread or buns. They are a fantastic option for clients who are on the go because they are also incredibly transportable and simple to eat. For salads, wraps, smoothies, and more this summer for your travels, road excursions, and beach days, give our lunch café in Wakefield a call in advance. With or without certain toppings, we can prepare them to your specifications. We also provide a large selection of delectable sides, beverages, and desserts to go with your meal. To contact our Rhode Island lunch café in advance when visiting the region or to place an order for pickup, use our convenient online order form. When you eat in at the top lunch café in Rhode Island, take in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood and say hi to our welcoming staff.

Summer Outdoor Dining Options

This summer, Rachel’s Café is the place to go if you’re seeking for delicious local food. Every day for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, we proudly serve local clients and guests to the Rhode Island region from our location on South County Commons Way. For curbside pickup, give us a call at 401-783-7888 or place an order online. There are gift cards available, and be sure to check out our website to see how you may have a wonderful cup of coffee at our lunch café in Wakefield for FREE!