Outdoor Dining Opportunity: Best Lunch Menu in South County

outdoor dining in Wakefield Rhode IslandFood is an important part of our lives. When you have the chance to enjoy a meal outside, it can be an incredible experience. But have you ever wondered if eating outside is just for fun or if it has some real health benefits as well? Whether you’re having gourmet burgers and sandwiches, pancakes and omeletes, or other seasonal menu items at your favorite outdoor restaurant or cooking something on your own grill in your backyard, eating outside can be good for your health and your way of life.

Rachel’s Outdoor Lunch Cafe in Wakefield Rhode Island

There are so many great things about eating outside, but more than anything else, it’s all about the fresh air, of course. When you eat outside, instead of breathing that old, recycled air inside, you get a fresh breeze. A lot of bad things can happen to your health if you stay inside for a long time. And the more you spend time outside, the better your health is. So, eating outside is a way to stay fit and healthy, which is especially important when you’re stuck in a boring office routine that makes you feel down. In the middle of your boring and unhealthy routine, having a meal outdoors at our lunch cafe in Wakefield, Rhode Island can be very good for your health.

At Rachel’s Cafe, you can enjoy a wide range of options at the best lunch menu in South County. Choose from local and regional favorites, seasonal dishes, and other crave-able menu items that will keep you coming back for more. Take advantage of our curbside pick-up, online order, dine-in, and NEW outdoor dining options to have real food dishes and creative tastes anyway, anywhere you like them.

Relax and Enjoy a Nice Meal Outdoors

Even a small natural addition to your environment, like an aquarium or a small plant in a pot, can have some really amazing effects on you. It can calm you both physically and mentally. Plus, research shows that it can help you control your heart rate and blood pressure. Now think about how nice it can be to eat in an all-natural setting when even a small amount of time spent in nature can be so good for you. Studies have shown that eating outside is good for your heart and can also lower the amount of stress hormones in your brain and make your muscles feel less tense. When you come to Rachel’s South County breakfast and lunch cafe, you can enjoy a wide variety of crave-able menu items.

Whether you’re at a restaurant with outdoor seating or cooking in your own backyard, eating outside gives you a beautiful view. Most restaurants with outdoor seating are made so that you can get a taste of nature in its most natural state. Most of the time, they are full of leaves and flowers to make you feel like you are part of the green. Also, the outdoor seating is often kept separate from the rest of the restaurant so that you can feel calm. All of this can help you relax and stretch out after a long day in your office cubicle, while you enjoy a nice and healthy meal of gourmet burgers and sandwiches, with all of your favorite salads and sides.

Outdoor Meals are Good for Mental Health

As you just read, eating outside can help you relax and feel less stressed. And you may already know that when you’re not stressed out, everything works better. This helps you break down all of your food and kills any harmful pathogens. This helps your body get ready to take in all the nutrients so it doesn’t just pass them through without digesting them properly. Along with this, being outside makes your body make more vitamin D. And if you know anything about staying healthy, you may know that vitamin D is very important for absorbing calcium so that your body can build strong bones and keep them that way. Also, vitamin D helps keep your levels of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine in check, which keeps you from getting depressed.

Artificial light instead of natural light has also been linked to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and other dangerous diseases. So, eating outside is a way to cut down on this risk. You can do it while living an active life. We rarely have time to keep our lives active and healthy because we are so busy. But you can do that if you eat outside. You can live a little more active when you dine at Rachel’s lunch cafe in Wakefield, Rhode Island or by cooking and eating in your own backyard at home. Wherever you do it, when you eat outside, food can taste a lot better. Studies even show that having dinner outside can help you get a better night’s sleep. The fresh air around you while you eat and the easygoing way you eat can help your body and mind feel refreshed.

Dine-in, Curbside Pickup, and Outdoor Dining Options

As you can see, eating outside has many benefits for both your health and your way of life. Visit our South County breakfast and lunch cafe to enjoy our gourmet burgers and sandwiches or to taste our seasonal menu items. For hours, directions, or to place an order, call us at 401-783-7888 and take a peek at the best lunch menu in South County at Rachel’s Cafe!