Reasons to Go Local at a Breakfast & Lunch Café in Wakefield, RI

breakfast and lunch cafe in wakefieldWhether you dine out or order carry out, supporting local restaurants in Rhode Island is a win-win for everyone involved. The next time you search for the best breakfast in Wakefield or want a casual and delicious lunch with friends, consider stopping by Rachel’s Café on South County Commons Way. When you support local businesses, you help to grow and maintain the area’s economy. The delicious food that you eat can also offer added benefits to the larger community in ways that you might not imagine. So instead of driving for hours to get to a big chain restaurant or popping into a fast-food drive-thru, take a peek at the menu we offer at our breakfast and lunch café in Wakefield. We have all of the American classic menu items and regional favorites that you crave, alongside original creations that will keep you coming back for more.

Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients

Compared to national chains, most local Wakefield breakfast restaurant and lunch cafes make it a priority to use only the freshest local ingredients. Instead of focusing solely on pricing and profits, most small business owners take pride in their ability to feed the people of their community the best that they can offer. At Rachel’s Café, we are passionate about creating quality food items for our customers, and every member of our team is committed to ensuring an enjoyable experience. Our menu is filled with crave-able dishes that reflect our real food approach. In a world that is becoming increasingly artificial and processed, our customers appreciate the effort we put into creating fresh and delectable-tasting dishes that are made with real ingredients.

You will taste the difference in our food. Whether you are craving a burger and fries, local seafood dishes, share-able sides, or layered salads, you can get it all right here at Rachel’s Café. Our breakfast menu is unmatched n quality, quantity, and diversity, offering a wide selection of café classics and regional favorites. Some of our most popular breakfast dishes include the South County Scrambler, fluffy Belgian waffles, the Maple Bacon Croissant, and Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast. You can view our menu online ahead of your visit or place an order for carryout. We will have your order ready for pick up anytime during our hours of operation, between 7 am and 3 pm, Monday through Saturday or 7 am to 2 pm on Sundays. Don’t forget to order a cup of coffee with your meal or to go – we are proud to offer the best coffee in Wakefield and the surrounding area.

Support the Local Community

Every time you go out to eat at a Rhode Island lunch café or breakfast restaurant, you support the local community. The money goes to the restaurant owner and employees, but it also goes further to local farmers, grocers, and service providers. This ensures jobs for many different small businesses within the South County area, helping your friends and neighbors maintain the jobs necessary to support their families and continue growing the local economy. Dining out at a breakfast or lunch café in Wakefield is like investing in your local community, giving money to local business owners who are very likely to turn around and reinvest it into other small businesses as well.

There is a big nationwide push to support local businesses as they recover from statewide shutdowns and limited business operations during the pandemic. However, this is something we should all be doing regularly because it helps to support and grow our towns, cities, and counties as a whole. Without local businesses, many communities can disappear and lose a sense of their own culture. Whether you are going out to lunch with visiting family members or sharing breakfast with co-workers while working on a project, your local restaurants help to bring the whole community together. Better food and high-quality customer service are just the icing on the cake. The real benefit can be seen in supporting small businesses, whether that means carryout services and outdoor dining near Wakefield or shopping at your local mom-and-pop hardware store.

View our full menu or place your order online today at You can also call us directly at 401-783-7888 to speak with our team, place an order, or inquire about our services. We can answer any questions you might have about our menu, current dining options, or curbside pickup opportunities. Help strengthen the South County community by shopping and dining locally. Rachel’s Café would love to welcome you for breakfast, brunch, or lunch any day of the week. Call, order online, or stop by today at our café on South County Commons Way in Wakefield, Rhode Island.