Sandwiches vs. Wraps: Healthy Rhode Island Lunch Menu Options

healthy sandwiches and wraps in WakefieldMany people are in search of healthier options to consume for lunch, whether they are bringing something to work to consume on a break or dining out with friends. At Rachel’s lunch café in South Commons, we offer a variety of real-food, crave-able items on our Rhode Island lunch menu. From sandwiches to wraps, burgers to salads, and everything in between; you can find it all at Rachel’s Café. Deciding which healthy menu item you want can be a challenge, but we promise that you’ll be satisfied with whatever item you choose from our diverse and locally-influenced fare.

Which Option is Healthier?

When it comes to both wraps and sandwiches, the healthier option will be decided by what goes inside and whatever is used to hold it together on the outside. The bread that you choose for your sandwich lunch menu items can greatly impact the overall healthiness of your meal. White bread is tasty, but inferior to wheat or whole grain when it comes to nutritional values. The same holds true with sourdough and gluten-free, which may be beneficial to some dietary requirements and conditions. When it comes to calories, some sandwich breads can clock in as high as 500 calories for two slices or as low as 70 calories, depending on the type, thickness, and size. Whole grain or wheat tortillas are the healthiest choice for wraps, which can be anywhere between 170-200 calories for an average 10-inch tortilla.

At Rachel’s café we offer our customers a wide variety of sandwich lunch menu items and healthy wrap ingredients, as well as a range of bread options and whole wheat tortillas for all our wraps. When you view our Rhode Island lunch menu, you may be surprised to find out just how many sandwiches and wraps we have at our lunch café in South Commons. Choose from a tuna melt on multi-grain toast, a crispy chicken wrap with chipotle aioli on a wheat wrap, or even a turkey and Brie croissant with sliced apples and cranberry sauce. Get a real taste of New England in every bite of our delicious real-food sandwiches and wraps at Rachel’s Café.

Bold Flavors and Healthy Wrap Ingredients

Quality ingredients make a big difference in the food that we serve at our lunch café in South Commons. Some of our boldest flavors come from basic ingredients designed to provide satisfying flavors and hearty midday meals. Classic combinations, such as the ham and Swiss, BLT, and grilled cheese can be found alongside our more avant garde menu items, including the avocado and chicken sandwich, BBQ chicken wrap, and chicken pesto Caprese sandwich. We use a variety of real onions, peppers, mushrooms, sauces, and seasonings, as well as a wide range of cheeses and toppings to make each sandwich or wrap a delightful and flavorful experience.

While many of these items come with your choice of house-made fries or onion rings, we also have other side menu dishes that can be used to accompany your wraps and sandwich lunch menu items. A variety of salads, both as sides and main dishes, as well as house-made corned beef hash, home fries, chips, fruit cups, bolos, breads, and more can be chosen to complete your meal. We even have indulgent menu items, such as our spicy Buffalo home fries, loaded home fries, and delectable treats, including our chocolate almond coffee cake and other seasonal desserts. Check out our drink menu, which features local beers, national brands, and mixed drinks for any occasion.

Visit Rachel’s Lunch Café in South Commons

If you are looking for something new, healthy, and tasty for lunch, make sure to stop by Rachel’s Café in Rhode Island for a surprising treat! We have a real-food concept, with basic ingredients, locally-influenced fare, and great-tasting dishes that will keep you coming back for more. Visit our website to order online, check our hours, or get directions. You can also give us a call at 401-783-7888 or just pop by anytime 7-days a week from 7am to 3pm to enjoy our sandwich lunch menu items and healthy wrap ingredients.