Wakefield Breakfast Cafe: Does French Toast Come from France?

wakefield breakfast cafeThere are a lot of foods that we enjoy that appear to come from other countries that it turns out were invented in other locations. The history of the different foods that we enjoy – and how they go their names – can make them even more enjoyable. French Toast in Wakefield comes in many delectable varieties – especially when you visit Rachel’s Café. Our popular Maple Walnut French Toast and thick Texas Toast French Toast are enjoyed by customers from all over the Greater South Kingstown community and beyond. Whether you want yours covered in fresh fruit or smothered in butter and maple syrup, you can count on our culinary team to provide you with a memorable experience at our Wakefield breakfast café.

Who Invented French Toast?

The history of this popular menu item has been traced back as far as the early 1700s but could have been enjoyed even earlier. The story behind this dish is that it was invented by a man named Joseph French, and the phrase “French Toast” used to describe it first appeared in print in 1871 in the Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink. However, very similar recipes appear throughout history and around the globe. Some call it German Toast, Spanish Toast, Eggy Bread, French-fried Bread, Nun’s Toast, Gypsy Toast, and other lesser-known names.

Some believe that the reference to France was not a reference to a man’s last name but comes from the French method known as Pan Dulcis. This cooking method involves soaking the bread in a mixture of milk and eggs before frying it in butter or oil, much like the way we make it at home now. The deeper you dig into the history of French Toast, the more information you find. Some stories refer to the bread as a medieval dish created by cooks in Europe to help use up day-old bread to feed families in dark times by adding eggs for extra protein. However, there are even stories that show a link to the Roman Empire.

French Toast Around the World

While you can get a wide variety of options for French Toast in Wakefield at Rachel’s Café, you might be surprised to learn the different ways that people eat it around the globe. While our Wakefield breakfast café focuses on our local tastes and interests, including our Maple Walnut French Toast and fresh fruit-topped Texas Toast French Toast, other nations have created variations that appeal to their local tastes, as well. In Great Britain, this dish is sometimes eaten with ketchup, and in Scotland, they traditionally serve it as a sandwich with sausage stuffed between two slices of French Toast.

In China, the famous Hong Kong-style French Toast is made by stacking white bread slices covered with peanut butter and then dipped into a mixture of eggs and vanilla before being fried in butter. It is served with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk or maple syrup. In New Zealand, French Toast is served with toppings like bacon, sliced bananas, and golden syrup. Sweet or savory, traditional or over the top, French Toast is one of those dishes that can be easily customized and personalized to suit local tastes and trends.

French Toast in Wakefield

When you come to Rachel’s Café, you can enjoy a wide range of breakfast options, including pancakes, waffles, and of course, French Toast. Our menu currently features our popular Texas Toast French Toast, which includes three ultra-thick slices of delicious bread that are then topped with your choice of fresh fruit, and is served with butter and maple syrup. Our Maple Walnut French Toast uses the same Texas Toast ultra-thick bread but is covered with toasty walnuts and rich maple syrup. However, our specialty is the locally-influenced Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast. It is made with three slices of Portuguese Sweet Bread and is topped with powdered sugar, maple syrup, and your choice of bananas, strawberries, or blueberries.

Whether you enjoy French Toast in Wakefield for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, you can get it any way you want it at Rachel’s Café. Our extensive breakfast and lunch menu has a lot to offer, and we serve up the best coffee in Wakefield! Make sure to stop by our Wakefield breakfast café or call ahead to place an order for pickup by calling 401-783-7888. We also offer online ordering, curbside pickup, and we are now open for outdoor dining. Located on South County Commons Way, we are proud to serve a wide range of locals and visitors to the Greater South Kingstown area.