Rhode Island Lunch Cafe: The Historical Origin of Sandwiches

South County Commons cafe

Have you ever wondered about the origins of your favorite sandwiches in Rhode Island? Who invented the first sandwich? What made them think to put meat, cheese, and veggies between pieces of bread? How did we get the different flavors and types of sandwiches that we serve at our local Rhode Island lunch café? Was…

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South County Commons Restaurants: Locally Inspired Menu Items

south county commons cafe

When people come to Rachel’s Café to enjoy breakfast, brunch, or dinner, they might be surprised to see how many locally inspired menu items we serve. One of the most exciting things about dining at a local restaurant is to try out the regional favorites. Menu items can be influenced by the geographical location, history…

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Top 10 Menu Items for Breakfast in South County Rhode Island

When you visit a South County breakfast and lunch café like Rachel’s Café on South County Commons Way, you will notice that there are many regional dishes in addition to traditional breakfast fare. Americans have a wide range of tastes when it comes to breakfast, whether that means cooking at home, dining out at a…

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Tasty Seasonal Salads at Rachel’s Greater South Kingstown Café

Searching for the perfect salad to reflect the time of year? The good news is that there are practically as many salad options as there are tastes. From selections for salad dressings to toppings, different types of lettuce, and protein choices, there’s a unique and delicious variety for everyone to enjoy. At Rachel’s South Kingstown…

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Enjoy a Pancake Tradition: Rachel’s Wakefield Breakfast Cafe

Wakefield breakfast cafe

The pancake has been eaten and enjoyed throughout history, with proof of its existence as early as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Sweetened with honey and made from stone-ground flour, pancakes provided a simple yet nutritious meal. During the Elizabethan Era, people ate them flavored with apples, sherry, rosewater, and various spices. Served as a…

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Customers Benefit from Online Order at South Kingstown RI Cafe

online order south kingstown cafe

While the changes that occurred in the business world in reaction to the pandemic have not always been pleasant, some new modes of business have become extremely beneficial to consumers. One such advantage has been the increase in the ability to place orders online and take advantage of curbside pickup in South Kingstown, RI, and…

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Reasons to Go Local at a Breakfast & Lunch Café in Wakefield, RI

breakfast and lunch cafe in wakefield

Whether you dine out or order carry out, supporting local restaurants in Rhode Island is a win-win for everyone involved. The next time you search for the best breakfast in Wakefield or want a casual and delicious lunch with friends, consider stopping by Rachel’s Café on South County Commons Way. When you support local businesses,…

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