Delicious, Nutritious Smoothies: Rhode Island Breakfast Cafe

One of the most popular ways to get all of your fruits and veggies into the day is to enjoy a delicious smoothie at Rachel’s Café. In addition to our local favorites and classic American dishes at our breakfast restaurant in South Kingstown, we offer a variety of smoothies that you can enjoy at our Rhode Island breakfast café. You can also get smoothies via online order at our South Kingstown café for curbside pickup. If you’ve never had a healthy breakfast smoothie, summer is the perfect time to try one! Check out our full local breakfast menu in Rhode Island on our website or stop by to see, smell, and taste it all in person at our popular real food café.

What is a Smoothie?

For those who have not had one before, a smoothie is a type of drink that comes directly from a blender. It includes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and liquids that are used to provide complete nutrition in a glass. Seasonal berries, bananas, cucumbers, and other refreshing flavors all come together to offer a full dose of nutrients in a single meal. Dairy can be used, as well as nut, soy, oat milk, and other vegan options, to provide a liquid base, protein, and vitamins in this healthy drink. Many commercial varieties will use frozen fruit or add sugar to make it more palatable; however, natural fruit, veggies, and ingredients are preferred by those who want to start their day off on the right track.

Our current smoothie flavors include wild berry, peach, pina colada, mango, strawberry, and strawberry banana. You can enjoy one with a breakfast or lunch menu item, have it as a healthy breakfast alternative, or enjoy an Acai Berry Bowl in our Fit & Trim menu options. It includes fresh acai berry sorbet, which is topped with local Rhode Island honey, whole-grain granola, and fresh berries. It’s a great way to start the day and can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch at our Rhode Island breakfast café. Looking for something hearty and nutritious? Consider our popular Avocado Toast on multi-grain bread with gorgonzola cheese, a fried egg, and a fruit cup or our Egg White Omelet with red peppers, onions, spinach, and chicken sausage, served with a fruit cup and a piece of toast.

Why Smoothies Are So Popular

There are many reasons why smoothies are a popular choice at our breakfast restaurant in South Kingstown. Not only are they packed with vitamins and great taste, but they are also an excellent solution for people who are feeling too busy to sit down and enjoy a complete meal. Sipping on a smoothie in the morning can be better for you than drinking a coffee or a latte while you work. Smoothies can provide you with energy, nutrients, and a wide range of health benefits while leaving you satisfied throughout the morning or afternoon. For those who don’t like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, smoothies are a great way to get these natural foods without having to consume them whole.

Some people use smoothies as a complete meal replacement or diet to help them lose weight or detox from unhealthy foods. However, most people simply love smoothies because they taste good and are an excellent alternative to heavy milkshakes and other dairy-based drinks. When you come to our Rhode Island breakfast café or place an online order for South Kingstown café menu items, make sure to ask our team about the smoothies. They can be a refreshing treat year-round and come in a wide range of flavors and taste combinations. The perfect treat in the summer when the weather warms up, make sure to include a smoothie with your order at our breakfast restaurant in South Kingstown.

Ready to Try Other New Menu Items?

We always have specials and local flavors to try at Rachel’s Café. Take time to view our local breakfast menu in Rhode Island when you visit us in person or place an order online for curbside pickup. We have the best coffee in Rhode Island and offer various traditional breakfast foods, healthy options, and creative tastes that will keep you coming back for more. Give us a call at 401-783-7888 or use our handy website to place an online order for South Kingstown café menu items.