Most Important Meal of the Day: Breakfast Cafe in Rhode Island

breakfast cafe South Kingstown Rhode IslandWhile some only start the day off with a black cup of coffee and nothing else, others enjoy a healthy meal first thing in the morning. Whether you want yours as the sun rises or as a late morning brunch, you can get all of your favorite treats at our Rhode Island breakfast café. Not only do we boast the best coffee in South Kingstown, but we also have a wide variety of local delights and traditional tastes for you to enjoy. You can place an online order at our South Kingstown café for curbside pickup or stop by and take in the local atmosphere with our outdoor dining experience. Either way, try our menu and see for yourself why our popular breakfast café in Rhode Island is such a hit with locals and visitors alike.

The Benefits of a Good Breakfast

Nutritionists and health experts around the globe tout breakfast as being an essential part of the day because it can help boost metabolism, support weight loss, and increase energy and focus. This is an excellent strategy for a workday when you need to be at your best, but also as a perfect start to a fun-filled weekend adventure when you want to have the energy to walk, see, explore, and do everything that you want to accomplish on your day-off. What is interesting about the evolution of breakfast, as we know it today, is that up until the late 19th century, the morning meal consisted primarily of leftovers from the night before instead of specific breakfast foods. We have the Industrial Revolution to thank for many of the foods that we commonly eat on a daily basis.

While pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage have been around for generations, big meals consisting of these foods were often referred to as “large farm breakfasts,” which were designed to keep workers full and have enough energy to last through the day. The next meal was dinner or supper, served after work and at home in the evening. However, with more people working in factories and office jobs instead of farm labor, the need for convenient and lighter meals increased. Kellogg’s released their Corn Flakes product and other instant breakfast items, so the bacon-and-egg industries countered by promoting the importance of a hearty morning meal. We still see this back and forth marketing effort by various groups who all serve the breakfast food industry. We offer a wide range of options at our breakfast café in Rhode Island. Stop by for a cup of the best coffee in South Kingstown and take a look at our full menu!

Healthy Facts About Breakfast

The good news is that healthy nutrition can depend very much on you as an individual. Do you like a big breakfast as the sun rises or like to have a cup of coffee hours before a meal? While it used to be said that skipping breakfast could be damaging to your metabolism, the truth is that every person is different and has unique needs when it comes to food. Some people do better with six small meals a day, while others find that the traditional three meals are better. Others might enjoy breakfast Monday through Friday but enjoy a later brunch as the first meal of the day on weekends. Specific cues you can look for will help you determine if your eating schedule does not match your lifestyle or personal health needs, especially if you have health considerations. Consult with your physician or nutritionist if you require professional guidance in this area.

When you are ready for breakfast, stop by Rachel’s Café. We have hearty dishes, light meals, healthy options, and decadent delights like our Maple Walnut French Toast! We also offer menu items that are inspired by the local culture and history. Our omelets include Portuguese, Greek, Eastern, and Block Island varieties, and you can enjoy an Acai Berry Bowl topped with granola, fresh fruit, and local honey. Our crave-able real food options are designed to provide a range of classic to adventurous dishes that will dazzle your taste buds and help you start your day. Quality food and top-notch customer service will always be a priority for our entire team here at Rachel’s Café. Stop by for the best coffee in South Kingstown or place a curbside pickup online order for our South Kingstown café. You can also place an order online or enjoy the ambiance and unique menu at our Rhode Island breakfast café in a delightful outdoor dining experience. Call us at 401-783-7888 for hours, directions, or to place an order!